Ruchisangam's Corporate Chakli

India is known for its traditional food products and from many years traditional food products are being manufactured at house hold level, today many of them have grown from small scale to large scale manufacturing, without much of the technical involvement, lack of process automation specially where human handling may bring unhygienic or cross contamination without objectionable substances. With the growing mandatory need of Indian as well as International food laws it is the time Industry must transform.

Ruchisangam Chakli provides 100 percent certified organic chakli, made from the finest quality ingredients sourced from certified organic farms across India, anytime tasty snack, 0 percent cholesterol, helps support digestion and refresh the palate.

    We are providing Scientific training for food startups and Specially for

    Women Entrepreneurs

    , We provide following tarining programmes:

  • Types of Chakli - 10 types
  • Chakli machinary - Semi. & Automatic
  • Packing
  • Costing
  • Food Licences
  • Ideas of Marketing
  • Product Training
  • Advertisement & Promotion

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